About Mecad Systems

Mecad Systems specialises in the supply of Computer-Aided Engineering technology in the mechanical and structural engineering industries. We provide a total solution covering the full engineering design process from conceptual design and design analysis to draughting, machining and experimental analysis. Our success comes from our technical know-how within the company, total commitment to customer support and proven ability to train users in all aspects and at all levels of software application. Mecad Systems is recognised as a leading supplier of Finite Element Analysis software and CAD/CAM software.


Mecad Systems has been in the CAD/CAM/FEA environment since 1985. We changed our name from Megkon Systems to Mecad Systems in 1993. We became the sole distributors of Mastercam in 1992, SigmaNEST in 1994 and of SolidWorks in 1995.

Support Oriented

As is evident from the profile of our staff with its strong technical emphasis, Mecad Systems is a support-oriented company. High quality support, however, is not possible without providing a training and consultation service. Therefore, Mecad Systems provides consultation work for the entire engineering market, especially in finite element analysis.


Mecad Systems operates from its office in Centurion and Cape Town. The infrastructure is set up to facilitate customer support and allow sales support in the form of demonstrations, benchmark tests, etc. We use high-end PC systems, peripherals and administrative systems to ensure high quality standards. Our office includes a fully equipped product training facility, capable of hosting 16 trainees, for professional training classes.

MECAD Systems’ Products

Mecad Systems represents several U.S. based companies in South Africa, the main ones being CNC Software of Tolland Connecticut, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation of Concord Massachusetts and SigmaTEK of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mecad Systems is working closely with SigmaTEK on the development of advanced optimisation software for manufacturing automation. The software, SigmaNEST, is focused on laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting equipment and allows material saving through improved material utilisation.


  1. hi

    Could you please send me your program training schedule on solidworks via email along with your prices please.
    Your help will be highly appreciated

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi in which city are you located in?

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