Posted by: Mecad Systems | February 27, 2013

Bounding Box

This tool was well received at the launches across the South Africa this year.


Bounding box is a feature that creates a parametric 3D sketch around your weldment or part file.  This will in turn provide you with information like length width and thickness of the min material needed to produce the part.

You can actually use the new automatic bounding box tool for any kind of part!

Say for example you want to find the material needed to machine a part.  Once you get any SolidWorks part modeled (or imported), use the INSERT–WELDMENTS–WELDMENT feature to “turn it into a weldment” (even though it really isn’t), then Rt+Clk the “Cut list” item in the Feature Tree and choose Update.  Expand the “Cut list” item in the tree, Rt+Clk the “Cut-List-Item1″ folder that got created, and choose Create Bounding Box.

Ive created a video to show you what it does. Click the link bellow

Bounding box

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