Posted by: Mecad Systems | February 19, 2013

SolidWorks 2013 Intersect tool

One the powerhouse new tools of SolidWorks 2013 is the Intesect tool.

This combines the steps of trim, knit, cut and combine into one.  You can combine  planes, surfaces and bodies and use the result.  Bellow is an example of a product that can be created using surfaces and planes.

  1. Select the Intersect tool
  2. Select all of the surface bodies.  As you select each one, they populate the Selections box in the Property Manager. (you can use window select to get all the surface bodies at once)
  3. Choose Intersect button.
  4. A list of intersection regions is quickly generated in the Regions to Exclude box in the Property Manager.  In the case of this project, there is only one region, so there will be nothing to exclude.
  5. Make sure Merge result is checked on the Options box in the Property Manager.
  6. Because we do not want the surface bodies to remain in the final part, make sure Consume surfaces is also checked.
  7. Preview result, choose OK (green check mark button) to accept and apply.
  8. The result is finalized and you are left with one feature
  9. Adjustments to your selections can be made at any time by editing the Intersect feature in the same manner as any other features are edited.

Intersect 1

IntersectIntersect 2

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